Backtracking A Directly Marketed Wine Review

Direct Cellars review

This is a short summarized account of what you can expect from the online direct marketing space these days. It also deals with what could potentially develop into something of a niche market for yourself. The product example being used here is that of wine and it takes its cues from online samples such as the Direct Cellars review. If you have already had marketing experience and also appreciate turns of phrase, intentional or unintentional, then you could chuckle in a good natured sort of way. Because look at what just happened.

It really wasn’t intended because the above given review example has just realized a coincidental turn of phrase. Just a moment ago, we made mention of direct marketing. Most of it is being conducted online these days, thank goodness for that. Gone are the days that door to door salesmen who have never understood the word ‘no’ (how direct is that, folks) that come knocking on your doors at all times of the day or night. If it happened at all, it would have been a rare occurrence. Because what were the odds of a door knocker knocking on your door when you and your family were just settling down for dinner with a red or white bottle of wine in his hand?

The problem with direct marketing online is that it’s got to be apt. While the business is now a technologically developed one, it’s not an exact science either. What is the use then, of telling online readers in one or two lines that this red or white wine tastes very nice? Do you realize that you are not likely to be realizing much in the area of fine sales? Tell your readers what’s really nice about the wine. But then again, you may be new to wine as well. You might like it, but just how much about it do you really know. And what better way to get to know good years and good bouquets by becoming an online marketing spokesperson for wine.

The above review example, it must be said, is a leading one. To fully appreciate it and get to learn the art of nuancing your words, if you will, you’d have to sign up as a member. As a member, you’ll be given a small collection of bottles to start with. And once you’ve sampled your wines on different occasions, you should not hesitate to tell your online visitors what you thought of the wine. To convince them to buy a bottle from your own stock, you’ll need to be creative with your short narratives. Describe in your own words what you really thought of the wine.

And if it just happens to be ‘yucky’ don’t be shy to tell your readers that either. Because there is no finer wine or food review that is open and honest. Your readers appreciate this. So too, your marketing agents. It makes for a convincing selling case going forward.