Buying a Portable or Window AC

Are you in the market for a new AC? Since the summer is coming up soon, we can understand why you are thinking about this. But the two things that you may be thinking about as possible purchases are portable and window ACs. We can see why these are on your list, as they are two of the relatively affordable products that you can use to cool a single room in an apartment or a house. They are certainly much more affordable than getting a brand new HVAC system fitted into your home. But where is the best value?

We think that if you are in the market for something that will cool effectively, save you money and not cost too much up front, you cannot go wrong with a window AC. Why? Because it is a ton more efficient than a portable AC. The thing about window ACs is that the component that is doing the cooling and pumping out hot air from your room is OUTSIDE the window. It is not inside. In comparison, a portable AC has a hose that is in your room that is used to get hot air out of the window. That means it is heating up a part of your room, while cooling the rest.

A portable AC is also two or three times more expensive than a window version. And you can get a window AC with a lower BTU and you will still get the same cooling as you would get from a higher BTU portable AC. That means you are getting more efficiency, which results in a lower electricity bill for equivalent cooling from these two machines. We think that with the portable version, you are just not getting a very good deal, which is what this is all about.